Thursday, January 24, 2013

ACPI's French Immersion Clip Contest

Encourage your students to develop their creativity en français! Invite them to participate in the French Immersion Clip contest -- they have a chance at winning a $12,000 scholarship to University of Ottawa. Visit the ACPI website for more information at

Encouragez vos élèves à développer leur créativité en français! Invitez-les à participer au concours Immersion clip; ils courent la chance de gagner une bourse de 12 000 $ à l'Université d'Ottawa.

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Friday, January 04, 2013

Certificates of Merit 2013



*CPF-MB Certificates of Merit for

French Immersion and Basic (Core) French

Currently in Manitoba, there are many students, who do not have equitable access to FSL programming.  Consequently, many French Immersion students are not able to acquire the required number of credits to graduate from high school with a French Immersion Diploma.  Also, many Basic (Core) French students find that French is not offered as an option, or it conflicts with other subjects such as music and other languages; this is particularly so in the senior grades. 

In spite of the challenges, there are still many students who make concerted efforts to continue their studies in French.  The CPF-MB Certificates of Merit for French Immersion and Basic (Core) French will serve to appreciate the endeavours of these very motivated students, by providing evidence that addresses the need to acknowledge the achievements of the following groups:

  • High school graduates with more than 7 but less than 14 French Immersion credits.
  • High school graduates who have continued their Basic (Core) French studies through Grades 11/12.

Personalized CPF-MB Certificates of Merit (en français and hard copy only) will be printed and mailed to Grade 12 graduates as requested, or to schools prior to graduation, and upon provision of:

·         The name of the student(s).

·         The home address and telephone number of the student(s)

·         The name of the school from which the student(s) will graduate.

·         The date the student(s) will graduate.

·         Evidence of the achievement of the student(s) i.e. documentation signed by the respective school Principal(s) confirming the acquisition of more than 7 but less than 14 French Immersion credits, or completion of Grade 11/12 Basic (Core) French.

This initiative will recognize those Manitoban students who persevere with their French studies. The certificates earned will be a tangible acquisition to student portfolios and also a source of pride.


To order personalized certificates, please contact

Janet via email at or call

1-204-222-6537 or 1-877-737-7036 (toll free)


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