Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Festival du Voyageur

With less than a month to go before what is promising to be the “world’s largest kitchen party”, Festival du Voyageur organizers have unveiled their programing for2015. This, the 46th edition, will be the largest francophone and the largest winter festival in western Canada.

First, the music!  Over 130 artists from the francophone and anglophone scenes will take the stage during the 10-day festival.  Organizers are very proud to announce that 100 of these performers are from Manitoba, making the FDV the number one festival in Manitoba for promoting local talent.

If you are a new to the francophone music scene, no worries, French for Life has some suggestions:

·         Chic Gamine (;

·         Marijosée (; Posted by Raissa Bado at 1:16 PM 0 Comments