Thursday, February 01, 2018

Getting Ready for French Immersion Kindergarten or Grade 1

Is your child entering Kindergarten or grade 1, and you are considering French Immersion?


DO: RELAX! Do the same as if your child was going to English Kindergarten or grade 1. There is nothing extra that you need to do to prepare your child for French Immersion. Your child will gradually accept French as a normal part of the day and will have fun learning different ways to say things!
DO NOT: Tell your child they are going to a “different” school or program, or that they won’t understand what the teacher is saying. Teachers use a lot of repetition, gesture, songs, and games to helps student learn vocabulary. This approach is very similar to the way your child learns speak for the very first time.
DO: Foster a positive attitude towards reading and learning. Read to your child in English and/or your home language. You can also sing songs, and watch TV together. Have conversations with your child about what they understand. Let your child tell you what they understood in their own words.
DO NOT: Worry because you do not speak French. The French Immersion program was designed for children of non-French speaking parents. Learn more about the French Immersion program by visiting your school division’s website and talking to the school staff.
DO: Play fun learning games in English and/or your home language:
- Learn the alphabet
- Introduce capital and lower case letters
- Learn how to print your name
- Introduce number recognition from 1 to 10 or 20
- Play counting games, or color and shape games
DO NOT: Worry that your child’s English skills will suffer. Literacy skills learned in French transfer easily to English. Your child lives in an area where English is the dominant language and is surrounded by a rich English environment. Also, students in French Immersion do learn English language skills.
DO: Encourage your child to be independent. Keep in mind that your child is learning many other things besides French (i.e. social skills, motor skills, self-sufficiency)
DO NOT: Compare your child to others. No two children develop at the same rate.


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