French for Life aims not only to encourage French as a second language (FSL) programs in Manitoba, but to support the professionals invested in FSL.





French Immersion in Manitoba: A Handbook for School Leaders

The development of this document was a collaborative effort to provide leaders in French as a second language education in Manitoba with a theoretical basis as well as practical suggestions to support and to successfully administer the French Immersion Program.

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L’Association manitobaine des directrices et directeurs des écoles d’immersion (AMDI)

AMDI is a professional organization of administrators working in French Immersion schools. The goal of AMDI is to support French Immersion administrators through networking, organization and professional development activities and raising the awareness of our members about issues relevant to French Immersion.

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AIM- Accelerated, Integrated Methodology

Teaching methodology that achieves astounding fluency levels in second language learning. This site offers teachers inspiring teaching kits, professional development and additional resources based on the fast-growing Accelerative Integrated Methodology (AIM).

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Education Manitoba

Learning Another Language: Manitoba's Renewal Strategy

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