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Choosing to provide your child with a bilingual education is an important decision. Whether you are considering enrolling your child in the French Immersion program, or simply looking for information on French-second-language (FSL) learning opportunities, French for Life is proud to support parents of FSL students.

Discover why bilingualism is so vital in today's world, what you can do to help your child and what current research is saying about the importance of bilingualism. Get answers to your questions, learn where you can turn for support or start your own journey towards bilingualism in Canada's official languages!

Supporting Organizations

Canadian Association of Immersion Teachers (CAIT)

ACPI/CAIT is a professional organization which, through continuing education, research, intervention and communication, supports and develops solid pedagogical practice and promotes French Immersion.

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Canadian Parents for French

Canadian Parents for French (CPF) is the national network of volunteers which values French as an integral part of Canada and which is dedicated to the promotion and creation of French-second- language learning opportunities for young Canadians.

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CPF-MB provides French-second-language (FSL) learning information for parents, teachers and students seeking FSL related research data about programs in Manitoba and other areas of the country. It also provides and supports a variety of French language extracurricular activities for Manitoban youth.

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Bureau de l'éducation française (BEF)

Basic French courses are offered from Grades 4 to 12 in the English schools in Manitoba. This site contains information regarding Basic French material created by the Department of Education. It also provides links to various practical Internet sites that are related to the teaching and learning of French as a second language.

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Manitoba Education – French Immersion

Manitoba Education recognizes the French Immersion program as one of the four official school programs (English, Français and Senior Years Technology Education).

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Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers (CASLT)

CASLT/L’ACPLS is devoted to the cause of second-language teachers. The term second-language encompasses both the official languages of Canada and international languages.

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L’Association canadienne d’éducation de langue française (ACELF)

ACELF provides stakeholders in French language education with a vision, development tools and the construction of cultural identity.

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Français pour l’avenir

A not-for-profit organization that motivates youth to learn and live in French.

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Manitoba Association of Teachers of French (MATF)

Offers resources and support to teachers of French as a second- language

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Éducatrices et éducateurs froncophones du Manitoba (EFM)

ÉFM represents the 1500 members of the Manitoba Teachers Society who work in French, in the French Immersion program, and responds to the needs of its members by offering them French language services.

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