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Intro to French for Adults

Is your child learning French at school?  Are you nervous about them surpassing your French ability?  Are you wondering whether you’ll still be able to help with their French homework?

If you are a CPF member (or planning on becoming one), we’ve got good news for you!

CPF Branches and Chapters have been offering free or low cost ‘Adult French Lessons’ to our members for almost 40 years!  We believe it’s never too late to learn French… and we believe that when a parent shows interest in learning French, it only helps to motivate their child even more.

Did you know that CPF National also hosts Virtual Adult French Lessons throughout the year?

Consult the Calendar of Events for upcoming sessions and registration.

Alliance Française du Manitoba 

Allicance Française du Manitoba

Alliance Française du Manitoba is offering French classes for adults and for youth!  



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