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“Language is a bag filled with culture. Without culture, the bag is empty”.

John Ralston Saul

French Music Blog

French music for Anglophone fans. A blog for English speakers featuring French artists and French music that you can buy in North America.


Québec Info Musique

A French-language site that will help you stay on top of what’s happening in Québec’s music scene.

Band à part

Bande à part is an interactive cross-platform project from Radio-Canada devoted to alternatives in music and culture.

Listen to full concerts, JAM sessions, recording sessions & more. Watch concerts, recording sessions, music videos & more. Read news, reviews, articles, opinions and more.


Le 100 Nons

Manitoba’s Francophone Music Organization. Le 100 Nons has been working to develop Manitoba’s French music industry and cultural identity for over 45 years.