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“So what’s the difference between core French and extended French programs?”

“What does ENTRY POINTS mean – as in, early, middle and late entry for French immersion programs?

”Does it make a difference as to how bilingual my child will be at graduation?”

We know you’re making important decisions for your child and for your family’s bilingual future, so don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

To help you out, CPF Branches and Chapters have been offering local workshops and information sessions to parents for almost 40 years. These sessions will help you gain realistic expectations surrounding time commitments, intensity/level of French and teaching approaches. And we promise – you’ll leave these sessions confident that you have what it takes to find the best FSL program for your child!

Did you know that programs vary by province, territory and even local school board?

To ensure you’re making the right decisions for your young learner early on in their educational journey, ask your local CPF Chapter if they offer “French Immersion Kindergarten Information Sessions” at your child’s school. It’s best to be fully informed before those registration deadlines start looming!

Contact your CPF Branch or Chapter to request an information session at your school so you and other parents can make the right decisions for your families!


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