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Canadian Parents for French-Manitoba (CPF-MB) Brings Partners Together

CPF-MB acts in partnership with various organizations and associations to promote the importance of linguistic duality and bilingualism in Canada. CPF-MB and its partners focus on offering support to teachers, parents, and youth. Together with its partners, CPF-MB promotes the importance of recruiting and retaining qualified FSL teachers, so that quality FSL programs are offered to all youth, in all regions across Canada.


In 2018, the Federal government set an objective to increase the bilingualism rate of the Canadian population to 20% by 2036 (from the existing 17.9%).

A common roadblock to increasing access to FSL programming is the shortage of qualified teachers. A coordinated national and regional strategy is underway to recruit and retain teachers for French Immersion and other FSL programs and courses.

For those thinking about becoming a teacher, or if you’re already in a teacher education program, but haven’t chosen a specific subject to teach, then consider this – teaching French!

For those with excellent skills in oral and written French, consider a great opportunity that is available to you – a career in teaching French!

Here’s more good news – depending on the university you plan to attend, you may be eligible for increased grant funding and bursaries if you are studying to be an FSL teacher!


In Manitoba, there are many job opportunities for FSL teachers: the majority of jobs are in teaching French Immersion in elementary schools and high schools.

Teaching focuses on how to communicate in French, appreciate French cultures and increase intercultural awareness.

In French Immersion, many, if not all of the subjects are taught in French.

  • Early Immersion can begin in Kindergarten or Grade 1
  • Middle Immersion usually starts in Grade 4
  • Late Immersion usually starts in Grade 6 or 7.
  • Core French (sometimes called Basic French), is taught as a subject/course within the English program.

The amount of time dedicated to these classes varies from school board to school board, across the country. FSL teachers are in demand in Manitoba, with many postings for FSL teachers in either long-term, short-term or occasional positions, at all levels.

The number of job opportunities available to you is limited only by how far you want to travel.


FSL programs and FSL teachers play a crucial role in maintaining Canada’s cultural identity by promoting bilingualism.

FSL teachers enjoy the benefit of belonging to a strong professional community, not just within their own school and district or board, but also across their province and the country, via departments or ministries of education and language teacher associations.

Special opportunities are offered to FSL teachers to support their ongoing language learning and maintenance, as well as to introduce new French cultural initiatives.

Imagine how satisfying it can be to pass on your passion for French to students. Not only will you be teaching them a new language, but you will also be passing on an appreciation for a culture, and introducing them to a part of Canada and the world that they may never have otherwise discovered.

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