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Once you have made the decision that you want French for your Life, there is nothing that can stop you. Students in Manitoba are fortunate to have access to many cultural, educational and social activities, en français.

Whether you are a French Immersion student, taking French classes or new to the language, this website endeavours to provide you with useful links and information that will help you along your path to becoming functionally bilingual in both of Canada’s official languages.

Here is a sample of some of the ways students can participate in French or bilingual opportunities in Manitoba, in Canada and abroad.


Playing French games is a valuable tool that will help you learn vocabulary and other important communication skills, all while having fun!

Sam Amuse

A made-in-Manitoba website with online French language games modified to the needs of French Immersion and basic French students.

UpTo Ten

French language site with games appropriate for early learners, aged 6 to 10.

Kids Playground

A variety of links to websites offering games and activities for beginner and intermediate French second-language learners.

Zone Jeunesse Radio Canada

French language website offering a wide variety of different themes.

Basic French Jeopardy

Test your skills with greetings, numbers, colours and months, en français, of course!

Jeux Daveed

  • Quizzes
  • Card Games
  • Hangman

French language site with over 50 games. Play a few games every day for free, or subscribe for full access.


Online platform with certified educational resources for young French learners. It is a fun and easy way to reinforce what is learnt at school.

Saber francés

  • Vocabulary
  • Expressions
  • Flash Cards

Bilingual website offering an extensive selection of games and exercises. Download software to have access to audio support.

The Absurd French Game

A French quiz for individuals who wish to be able to use French in more unusual situations.

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This application offers free illustrated books to practice how to read in French